SS 241(B) / SS 341(B)
Markus Locker, PhD
M 9:00 – 11:50 AM
A study of the Synoptic Gospels will begin with the Gospel of Mark. Mark’s Gospel will be examined in terms of the faith in “Jesus Christ, the Son of God” that the evangelist seeks to communicate to its historical, as well as timeless, audience. Grounded in the historical-critical method, the Gospel(s) will be understood and interpreted as narrative(s) that lead the reader to an authentic and personal knowledge of Christ and discipleship. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke are studied accordingly, and in view of the commonly accepted two (four) source hypotheses.
The course involves a close reading and exegesis of the text and requires familiarity with all three Gospels and major commentaries in the English language. Periodically, students will be required to engage in research and to discuss their findings. The overall aim of this course is to provide a critical understanding of Sacred Scripture that enables religious and lay persons to integrate biblical studies and theology.
Prerequisite: Biblical Greek I & II