PrEng I
& RESEARCH I (3 units)
Catherine Tivnan-Oda
T Th 1:25 – 4:40 pm

This course focuses on developing and refining skills in writing papers that students need in effectively expressing themselves as an academic writer. The course is organized into three parts in increasing complexity: Sentence Skills, Paragraphing, and Research.

In strengthening students’ sentence skills, this unit includes reviewing grammar structures, sentence combinations, appropriate use of vocabulary and punctuation. Paragraphing is intended to refine students’ skills by employing the five patterns of expository writing (Comparison and Contrast, Process, Classification, Cause and Effect, and Definition) in a higher level concentrating on Theology and subjects of social relevance. Finally research writing empowers students to further develop their skills by creating their own report research paper. Throughout the course, an environment of writing as a process will be adopted to create clear, engaging and meaningful work.