Theo 207A
James Kroeger, MM
T 8:00-10:15 am
Th 8:00-8:50 am

Christology is the systematic faith reflection on the person, ministry, teaching, and significance of Jesus the Christ. This foundational course treats basic Christological themes: contemporary approaches to Christology and methodology; the “historical Jesus”; proclamation of the Kingdom and public ministry; Jesus’ death and resurrection; redemption in Christ; faith formulations drawn from scriptural, conciliar, and contemporary theological reflection. A brief discussion of “Asian questions” (e.g., especially religious pluralism) and the Christological insights of Ecclesia in Asia concludes the course. Selected use of videos will be integrated into the course (e.g., Where Jesus Walked; Parable; How Jesus Died; Silent Witness).

Brief Bibliography: Rausch, T. and Kroeger, J. Who Is Jesus: An Introduction to Christology (New Philippine Edition). Quezon City: Claretian Publications, 2005; Senior, D. Jesus: A Gospel Portrait (Revised and Expanded Edition). Makati: St. Paul Publications, 1997; Zanzig, T. Jesus the Christ: A New Testament Portrait. Winona: Saint Mary’s Press, 2000.

Note: This course meets four hours weekly to allow for short absences of the professor for FABC, CBCP, and AMSAL commitments.