Theo 248 / Theo 345 / MTP 14
Jeffrey Chang, SJ
W 2:00–4:40pm

The Church, blessed by the Spirit with a diversity of charisms, formally recognizes certain services as ministries. Lay and ordained ministries share together in the Church’s ministry which continues Christ’s ministry in the world.

This systematic theology course will survey scriptural foundations, historical developments and theological principles, as well as accompanying pastoral implications, for ministries in the Church today. Some relevant contemporary issues include: empowering laity; lay ministries; collaboration in ministry; women in ministry; priesthood; diaconal ministry; religious life and ministry; ministerial practices and ethics. Ordained ministry will be examined in the more comprehensive context of Church ministries.

Regular readings and active participation in classroom discussions are expected. Students, depending on their respective degree programs, may choose to focus on a particular theological or pastoral issue for the final course assignment.