Theo 238 / Theo 338
Robert Godding, SJ3 units
MW 2:00 – 4:40 PM
Who was Jesus? How should we interpret the Holy Scripture? How should Christian communities be ruled and organized? How should Christians react in front of incomprehension and persecution? How can we present the Christian faith to a pagan world?
These questions, and many others, have been discussed by Christians from the very beginnings. Treaties, letters, homilies, prayers, acts of martyrs, as well as paintings, sculptures, and mosaics, reflect the intensity and richness of the first Christian’s life and thought.
The course will present a selection of texts (in English translation) and works of art composed between 100 and 450. After the New Testament, the Church Fathers and the early Christian art constitute a fundamental (and too often neglected) reference in order to understand our faith as well as many aspects of the Church in its historical evolution.
Note: Classes will begin on June 21. First quarter only.